3 Ways to Hang Art

3 ways to hang your art.

How to hang your art depends of a few factors:

  •  How heavy is your artwork?
  •  Is the work framed? And did the framer provide a hanging solution?
  •  Do you want a semi-permanent solution or a quick and easy to do solution? 

1. Plug and screw

These are 4 video stills framed with a black matte and black frame. The video stills were framed in Rotterdam by a framer

When you look at the backside, you can see that the framer has provided one hanging hook intended for a screw with a hook or thick head.

When the hole in the wall has been drilled. You put in the plug with the screw. And then hang the work on this screw

Very strong/safe
Cheap (if you have a drill)
–  Labor intensive

2. Hammer and Nail

Ich fühle mich zerquetscht (I feel squeezed), is an oil painting on a regular stretched canvas. If your wall allows it, you can use a hammer and one nail. And hang the artwork on the nail

You simply hang the painting on its stretcher bars. 

Easy to do
Very cheap (once you have a hammer)

3. Kneading Adhesive

The third method to hang your art with, is with kneading adhesive gum. For example, Pritt Poster Buddies or Faber-Castell Tack-its. These are a kind of reusable chewing-gum-like kneading adhesive pads. Which you can use to hang posters. As well as unstretched canvasses

Kim Engelen, Ways to Hang Art 3, Kneadable Adhesive Gum, 2021

Ik ben Gechipt (I am Chipped)—Kay, is an oil painting on prepared canvas (unstretched). Since it is not stretched, it has no stretcher bars, nor a frame. And so hanging it on a screw or nail would not work. Depending on the size of the canvas, you can put two or more adhesive pads on every corner. And stick the artwork to the wall (or door or window). 

Super easy
Most cheap (once you have the gum)
Easy to move the artwork

These are 3 ways to hang your art. There are other methods like using Monstertape and Velcro. And/or hanging art on clammers. 

How will you hang your art? And why? Let us know in the comments below…

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