Linda & I (Series Party)

1.350,00 inc. Vat

Title: Linda & I
Series: Party
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Frame: Regular Stretched Canvas (Museum Wrap)
Size: 64,8 x 85,2 x 2 cm (25.51 x 33.54 x 0.79 in)
Limited edition of: 1 (original)
Complete series of 3 paintings € 4.000

In 1996 I made a series of 3 paintings, which I called Party. In this period, I studied at the Art Academy in Den Bosch. I had several side jobs, and I went to house parties. It was a powerful and exhausting time with transitions and transformation.


And the first time that I noticed that people can only “see” you in the “setting” where they see you. However, the Kim at art school was the same Kim during her several part-time jobs. Which I did during my studies. To pay, for example, my studies, my mini-cooper, my pets, and my weekend expenses. Like being able to travel and party at house parties throughout the Netherlands.


As an example, fellow students did not see my intense life. Possibly they only saw the Kim that drove a car to school (as the only art student in the quite provincial Art Academy). Not the how I did this and the why I had a car. And at my part-time jobs, they could never imagine I was going to house parties.


The Series Party shows 3 paintings of settings, where the 3 settings are mixed into one. Seeing it from the perspective of the same person being in these several settings. The backgrounds are more or less blended. And the tone of the paintings is more or less equal.


  1. The first painting (of the series Party): Maartje & Merel, those were two neutral fellow students from my Art Academy.
  2. This is the second painting (of the series Party): Linda & I. This painting I saw as the bridge painting between the different worlds. Linda usually metamorphosed (or adjusted) physically when she came along to house parties. She wore her hair in the typical ponytail hairstyle for the women going to Gabber house parties. And she dressed in her jogging suit.
  3. Third painting (of the series Party): Gabbers. Which is Dutch for friends or mates. But also relates to the Gabber House Style-music of the ’90s.
Weight 1,42 kg
Dimensions 64,8 × 85,2 × 2 cm

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