Newsletter: 26 December 2021

2021 is almost coming to an end. Here I share with you my Years-End Review.

Year's-END Video Review *2021*

Dear Friends and Art Lovers,

2021 is almost coming to an end. COVID19 has changed all of our lives in one way or the other. For me, it has brought some bad but also some good changes, which I want to share here with you.


Because of the pandemic, I received from the Dutch Government the TOZO. And this made it possible for me to fully devote my (locked-in) time to developing my WEBSHOP.

Because of the lockdown, I have indexed all my ART ACADEMY ARTWORKS—I photographed, measured, and priced around 300 artworks. And I wrote accompanying texts for all these artworks, which span five years (1995-1999).

5 Artists Interviews

But I also did other projects. I created the second book in the series 5 Artists Interviews. This book had the theme #2 THE OPEN CALL. For which I also hosted an online BOOK LAUNCH to meet the artists.

5 Artists Interviews is a five-year book project. In each book, I interview five contemporary artists. The interview itself contains five questions. 


Although I could not travel, my artworks could. And through my ties with China, I was also part of the group exhibition in Roc Sun Gallery in Jiaxing in China.

Kim Engelen, 2x Light-boxes, in Roc Sun Art Space, Jaxing (China) 2021
Kim Engelen, 2 lightboxes in Roc Sun Art Space, Jaxing, China, 2021

Here I showed two of my light-boxes. The one on the right shows a photo made by a drone during my bridge performance: EMPATHETIC WALKING PANEL. This performance was in Hangzhou—where I lived for 2,5 years.

This artwork has traveled around in China and was shown amongst others at: the Yangpu Riverside Gallery, the Heritage Museum, the Shanghai Art Collection Museum, and Chen & JunJun Happy Space in Hangzhou. Pretty nice!

The light-box on the left is from my other ongoing project Sun-Penetration, titled: THE OBSERVER OBSERVES AND IS BEING OBSERVED. Which has only been shown once before for my solo exhibition at Square Gallery in Shanghai.


I will not sum up all my art projects done this year. But I do want to mention my last 2021 art project + artist in residence in Almelo. While staying here, I created a bridge sculpture for my solo exhibition: Questioning my Significance.


Via DAILY TIME-LAPSES, I showed how I created it, which I then sent to you via email.

From the Night-Shot photographs I made of the artwork, I created four DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. And from Night-Shot No.3, ONE PRINT.

Depicting Night-Shot No.3, I offered as a Saint Nicolaus gift one tin COOKIE-BOX filled with Dutch pepernoten. The 5th person who would email me would get this art box.➞The winner was: Libby Page in Berlin.

This human-size bridge sculpture I then butchered in a LIVE STREAM PERFORMANCE. And I auctioned the recycled parts for a live audience in a grey, foggy and cold Almelo, which was super fun. 

Media Coverage

With the butchering of my artwork, I gained PRESS ATTENTION. Several newspapers interviewed me and also local TV. 

Newspaper Hallo Almelo ▶︎ 
17 December 2021

In 2021 I was also on ISRAELI TV. But this was for something less positive since an artist couple had stolen my artwork.

In 2021, I also started making YouTube VIDEOS for you to add to my weekly art emailing. And because of this, I gained 12,6% new YouTube followers. I am über appreciative of every new person who likes to see my art. 

THANK YOU to every single one of you. Thank you very much for following me on my non-stop art journey. And for staying with me during my already 20+ years of creating art.

I wish you an inspiring, adventurous, and bold new year ahead. And I hope to meet you LIVE in 2022.

Warm greetings,
Kim Engelen

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